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15 Jul 2023



Flavor is an overall impression combining taste, odor, mouthfeel, and trigeminal perception. Food flavorings are added to a wide range of foods, usually in small amounts to give a particular taste. The pros of flavorings are to impart the characteristic flavor of the flavoring, to augment or modify flavor, and to mask the original flavor. There are three principal types of flavorings used in foods.

Types Description
Natural flavoring substances Substances that are extracted from vegetable or animal materials are not further chemically modified or changed.
Nature identical flavoring substances Substances that are chemically identical to natural substances, but which are obtained by chemical processes or by chemical modification of others.
Artificial flavoring substances Substances obtained by chemical synthesis or chemical synthesis or chemical modification of natural substances, but which are not present in natural pods.

There are 2 types of flavors, sweet flavors such as fruit flavors, beverage flavors, candy flavors, etc., and savory flavors such as meat flavors, seafood flavors, cooked flavors, processed flavors, cheese flavors, etc. This topic would like to discuss about cheese flavor.


Cheese flavors are unique sensations with aroma, taste, and texture. It is combined with different concentrations and interactions of various compounds. Cheese flavor able help to improve flavor consistency, boost and balance taste profiles and increase the perception of creamy mouthfeel. Varieties of cheese flavors were cream cheese, cottage cheese, mozzarella, parmesan, gouda, feta, cheddar, swiss, fontina, danish (blue cheese), Edam, etc. The dosage of cheese flavor is 0.1-0.2%.

Let’s try our cheese flavors which are available in a variety of forms:

Types of cheese flavor Description Application
  • Cream Cheese Flavor
Mild Taste, Milky, Rich, and Slightly Acidic. Used in Snacks, Sour Cream, Seasoning, and Sauces.
  • Cheddar Cheese Flavor
Umami, Savory, Sharp, Bold, and Tangy. Used in Grilled Appetizers and Cooking Applications.
  • Asian Cheddar Cheese Flavor
More Savory and More Umami. Used in Cooking Applications.
  • Sweet Cheese Flavor
Sweet, Milky and Rich. Used in Waffles, Pastries, and Snacks.

Lastly, flavor plays an important role in our food. You can choose your own flavor according to your desired food. For those of you who are searching more immediately gives you that umami effect, we got a few series of cheese flavors that can apply in different applications with their own sensory attributes. As you can see, it is so an amazing product, we highly recommend it!




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