Exploring the Sweet Side of Health: Erythritol as a Food Ingredient

03 Nov 2023
In modern nutrition, finding alternatives to traditional ingredients has become a vital mission for health-conscious individuals. One such sweet discovery is erythritol, a sugar substitute that's gaining popularity for its unique properties and potential
health benefits.

Consumers Trend
The rising prevalence of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and diabetes, as well as shifting attitudes toward general wellness and fitness trends, are expected to drive erythritol market demand. Low-sugar diabetic foods and sugar-free confectionary are major application areas driving this growth.
Erythritol is a sugar alcohol used in the food and beverage industry as a sugar substitute to enhance the taste of various food items. It serves as an alternative to sugar and is widely utilized in food processing due to its low-calorie content.
Key Features
  • White crystalline powder with a clean, sweet taste that closely resembles sucrose.
  • Functional classifications: flavor enhancer, humectant, and sweetener.

Sweetener Synonyms Glycemic Index Caloric value
Sucrose Sugar
65 3.9 Medium
Erythritol Erythrite
Meso-erythritol Tetrahydroxybutane
0 0.2 Very low
Table 1: Comparison of properties of Sucrose vs Erythritol
  • Organoleptic properties:
 (I) Sweetness intensity: Erythritol is 60–80% as sweet as sucrose.

Fig 1: Relative sweetness of polyols (10% aqueous solution)
(II) Sweetness profile: Erythritol has a temporal profile similar to sucrose
Fig. 2 Sweetness profile of erythritol and sucrose (10% sucrose solution and ISO-sweet erythritol solution)
(III) Cooling effect: When dissolved, erythritol exhibits a strong cooling effect owing to its high negative heat of solution.
(VI) Synergy with other sweeteners: Improve mouthfeel and mask certain unwanted aftertastes such as astringency and the irritant effect of intense sweeteners.
Discovering the benefits of Erythritol
  •        Non-alcoholic beverages (Low-calorie carbonated and non-carbonated beverages)
  •        Fruit-based smoothies and soy-based drinks
  •        Cakes, cookies and bars
  •        Yogurt and Ice cream
  •        Soft candies and hard candies
  •       ​Salad dressings, sauces and toppings
Example of market products with Erythritol
  • CHI Forest Sparkling Water
  • Sunturi Keto Caesar Mayo

The bottom line
While erythritol may not be a high-intensity sweetener, it provides a sweet taste with significantly fewer calories than table sugar, and its minimal impact on blood sugar levels makes it an attractive option for a wide range of dietary needs. In food, erythritol adds bulk and texture; it might just be the sweet solution you've been searching for.
Our product is made from non-GMO corn (no wheat is used). There are no allergens present in our product.

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